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District Goals and Objectives

●          To plan, develop, and maintain the best possible system for the collection, treatment, and disposal of liquid waste generated by the District as authorized by statute. 

●          To maintain a solid commitment to water quality for the citizens of Southern Madison County. 

●          To provide our customers with good service at reasonable rates. 

●          To operate our business as efficiently as possible. 

●          To meet the needs of our customers in the communities we now serve within the limits of our collection system and treatment plant. 

●          To prepare for growth and expansion in South Madison County by continuously reviewing and updating our District Master Plan. 

●          To engage in and conduct activities necessary to provide the District with the facilities needed to accommodate the growth of the area’s economy. 

●          To treat our employees fairly, so that we can retain and attract qualified personnel. 

●          To provide our employees with the types of jobs meriting the high grade personnel we now have and hope to attract in the future. 

●          To conduct our operations and relationships in such a way as to earn the respect of our customers, vendors, contractors, other utilities, and the general public. 

●          To engage in civic activities which will further the welfare, growth, and development of our service area.