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It has recently come to our attention that some users, while googling “Pay my FCRWD bill”, have been directed to a website for DOXO. DOXO is a third-party bill payment website. Even though the DOXO website lists FCRWD’s business information, DOXO is in no way affiliated with FCRWD. While DOXO is a legitimate bill payment site, please be aware that a fee may be charged to you for processing your payment. Also, as we are not affiliated with DOXO, we do not receive any payment you may make through their website instantly. For immediate payment to FCRWD and immediate posting to your FCRWD account, please use the secure online payment portal located on FCRWD’s website: www.FCRWD.com

Link to DLGF Indiana transparency Internet website: https://gateway.ifionline.org/



Our history is backed by our dedicated staff that strives each and every day to improve and preserve the quality of the surface waters in southern Madison County. We have not only filled our website with information about the long history of our statewide recognized facility, but have included information on the processes of FCRWD. We have included photos and descriptions to help you better understand what we do, as well as put our staff at your fingertips to contact with questions at anytime.

I hope you find our site informative and invite you to check back often for updates.

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In the early 1970’s the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Indiana Stream Pollution Control Board conducted stream pollution analysis across Indiana. Based on these tests it was determined that additional wastewater treatment was needed within the Fall Creek basin in southern Madison County. The Fall Creek Regional Waste District was created on Nov. 22, 1974 by the action of the Indiana Stream Pollution Control Board under the direction of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.




The District’s collection system consists of over 380,000 ft. of sanitary sewers and 48 lift stations.  Fall Creek Regional Waste District is proud to be the recipient of numerous awards from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Water Environment Federation, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, and the Indiana Water Environmental Association.

The District’s service territory covers approximately 70 square miles and serves a population of about 25,000 people. Fall Creek Regional Waste District remains committed to the improvement and preservation of the quality of the surface waters in the Fall Creek basin in southern Madison County. Click here for more historical information.